Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Winners Circle

"Winners Circle"
This item symbolizes success and 
the race that one encounters
to reach it! As we all know the majority of success stories comes
with other stories of struggle 
and toil one had to go through to get to the 
level that they arrived at! 
Flags (signs) will be waved 
and numbers (choices) 
will be displayed but decisions one makes will determine there
entrance into the "Winners circle"! 
Now once you've achieved
this goal how long will you remain there??

Sunday, March 27, 2011

"Visual Language"

Paint splattered denim/ Madras plaid
settle tweed/plaid filled "C" patch
This is our vision spilling on to a garment!
 "Our Vision" which everybody has one but let
our vision become yours! What ever this may say to
you is correct it's exactly what we wanted it to 
say! Visual Language is what we use to speak 
to the masses! "C" = colab "WISCONSIN" = where you
maybe/ might want to be/ or may never want to be!
Never the less as long as you have envisioned our
conversation went as planned! 

Friday, March 25, 2011

Warriors come out to play!!

warrior is a person engaged or experienced in 
warfare or figuratively a person who shows 
or has shown great vigor, courage, or aggressiveness. 
All of us are warriors at some point or aspects of our lives!
Be a warrior! Live strong!!!

Penguins est 1967

After speaking with a fellow friend of ours 
at @iCandy we were inspired
to do some sports theme pieces! We plan to 
continue to go in this 
direction from here on out! 
Being as though the sports business 
is in need of some fly
gear to represent teams all the time!
Be on the look out this summer for 
tees surrounded around
this concept!!!
"Play hard or go home"!! 

Thursday, March 17, 2011


The summer is near! Don't fear! 
Colaborateeeees are here!!!
Colaboratees are custom one of a kind t-shirts with vintage
hand picked source material 
artistically/strategically balanced
to bring you an original 
design that only you will have!
Ranging from sizes s-2x wholesale inquires are 
welcome click on the channels tab for 
contact info! More colors (tees)  will be posted
soon! Right now you can 
order these athletic fit heather 
ringer tees (red / blue)! 
Here in the Lab we proudly 
promote timeless creative 
originality each t-shirt tells a story 
and are numbered!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Branch 655a

Branch 655a is yet another custom master piece!
The fidelity bank patch was sourced 
from a vintage money bag from bristol P.A
that had 3pound lock attached to it! 655a must not of been the 
original branch for this bag 
as you can see the hand written (banch 6)
added  in pin. This also comes 
with a card holder from the previous
slot for the bag label. Butter 
soft lamb skin leather detailing and the 
vintage worn hand water color painted Toronto Canada  banner
across the back! 
Co-laborative laboratory
offers a unique experience that fuses
vintage collecting with custom design.

Touring Class

Driving by art and creativity/motivation 
hard work and dedication!
Co-laborative Laboratory stands out from the rest 
by default from our  foundational
principles of our design ethics! Not in competition with the competitors but constantly
competing with ones-self! Going abroad and touring new heights by way of experimental vision!
So we are continuously in the "Touring Class"

Hot and Blazing!!

This is a one of one re-worked 
vintage cord blazer with a mix of 100% wool
oxford plaid and a rare plaid in-scripted air France 
a Philadelphia zoo pin (beauty or beast)from 1989
 to top it off with some soft cow-hide detailing!
Place your custom order now!!!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Philly Love

One philly's hottest dj's Dj Diamond Kuts is a proud supporter of the Lab, being drawn in by the creativity and originality put into the products that the Lab produces! DJ Diamond Kuts is pioneering her way through the music industry. Not only is she the first and only female mixer to have a slot on Philadelphia radio, she continues to create immense professional success through television shows, print and digital advertisement and touring with headlining artists like Chris Brown and Young Money’s Nicki Minaj. We definitely look forward to future projects with our fellow philly native! Be on the look out for more to come!!!

C-LL in Kamouflage concept store

For hot new releases from the Lab you can visit Kamouflage concept store while in or passing through philly!