Artke “Hamid “ Holloman

I have had a fascination with creating custom clothing for many years. As a former head hand painted t-shirt designer at Miskeen Originals based in Philadelphia, which sparked my flame for creating original wears. All though no sewing was involved the concept of being custom was in my blood. My current brand Colaboratve Laboratory represents originality with an un-orthodox execution but still with in the guide lines of sub-urban American culture!  I find abstract of many forms to be the most interesting form of art to create. It represents freedom, expression, and all types of people can appreciate it. My creative spirit and imagination is what I bring to reality on clothing items; producing a one of one masterpiece. I love using my hands to create one-of-a kind pieces that have not been seen before. Never have I been so relaxed and at peace with myself while spending hours creating positive energy through my own artistic view. The rare materials, various textures and original concepts that reflect the fulfillment of my eclectic view, is my way of making a statement; solidifying my thought process into tangible art while keeping my creative spirit alive. I truly hope that my one of kind timeless pieces will be enjoyed by people from all walks of life for many years to come. Perhaps, those who are willing to take a chance to experience my unusual interpretation of sub-urban clothing, and the originality I instill in this process will keep my vision alive.