Thursday, August 25, 2011

The first of a painters touch series

This is the first item of the painters touch series, here you see a pair of re-worked Lee jeans 
hand crafted using artist drop cloth fabric... This is the true definition of and exclusive
one of one piece! please send emails for inquires to


(Navaho Flow) 1st vest - size large.. custom  lightly bleached and painted cargo pockets ( ipad ) carrier cargo pocket on the back and very rare navaho print

(Lodge 38) 2nd vest - size xl... custom cargo pockets, denim, m-65 army jacket fabrick and 

Roebucks vest

Roebucks sherpa filled denim vest.... size (m) added cargo pockets, pin stripped denim, re-placed
front pockets, rare plaid fabric, custom cowboy patch on back and wyoming patch and matching belt. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Clean, consistent, craftsmanship

"The Scientist" is constantly in the Lab, and creating new un-traditional ways to exucute
a garment! Traveling many different parts of the states for inspiration and source material,
varying in fabrications and graphics. For purchasing send emails to